Reclosable Poly Bags

Product Description

Ideal protection for plastic or glass lenses, temples and frames. Clear 2 mil poly bags show your customers what they are getting. Printing available for minimum orders of 25,000 per size. Call EZ Pack for printing prices and details.

NOTE: For more quantities please contact us for a quote.
Reclosable Poly Bags 2 Mil Clear
Product Number Dimensions (L x W)
ZP23 2” x 3” Product Details
ZP34 (Lens) 3” x 4” Product Details
ZP44 (Lens) 4” x 4” Product Details
ZP3.57 (Frames) 3-1/2” x 7” Product Details
ZP47 (Frames) 4” x 7” Product Details
ZP48 (Frames) 4” x 8” Product Details
ZP48W (White Block) 4” x 8” Product Details
ZP58 (Frames) 5” x 8” Product Details
ZP3.57.5 (Back Pocket) 3-1/2” x 7-1/2” Product Details
ZP69 6” x 9” Product Details
ZP610 6” x 10” Product Details
ZP74 (Double Lens, pr.) 7” x 4” Product Details
ZP810 8” x 10” Product Details
ZP1215 12” x 15” Product Details
ZP1420 14” x 20” Product Details
What our customers say …
“E-Z PACK's custom optical packaging helps us promote our image and adds value to our products by representing our vision of exceptional quality to our customers.”
– Neil Dougherty, Luzerne Optical

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